We offer proven solutions for leadership and team development

As John Maxwell certified coach, teacher and speaker, we offer workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, mastermind group training, group/one-on-one coaching services through the study and practical application of proven leadership methods.

Leadership Workshops

Workshops carefully designed to promote leadership


Customized training and executive coaching for professionals


Mastermind group training through the study and practical applications.

Conferences & Seminars

World class leadership conferences for organisations


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Professional training, leadership development and consultancy support for businesses.

Training the world’s leading professionals
for more than 20 years.

Building a winning organization is an ongoing challenge. Leaders have a variety of goals, from creating a positive company culture and customer experience to sustaining productivity and increasing revenue. A successful organization never stands still; it’s always growing and improving.

John Maxwell Certified Team Member.

Our Workshops & Events


  • Discovering Your Authentic Leadership Style Workshop.
  • Accelerating Teamwork Workshop
  • 5 Strategies to Win with People Workshop
  • Living The Laws of Leadership Workshop
  • Coaching
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Training for Trainers


Mentors International in partnership with John Maxwell CO for a leadership conference @The Mentors Center, Capital Hub, Abuja |5 August 2017


Mentors International in partnership with the John Maxwell company brings you Live2lead @ Ladi Kwali Conference Hall Sheraton Hotel, Abuja |6 October 2017

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