About Us

Speaking is Our Business

We help companies expand & transform their businesses

We are a world-class Leadership Development consulting company serving clients  across Africa, Middle East and USA.
Established in 2014 in Dubai United Arab Emirates and in 2015 under Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 in Nigeria with registration number 1299874, to engage in services of organizing and facilitating seminars, conferences, workshops and conventions. We offer research-based, world-class personal and organizational growth and development services to individuals, government and corporate organizations.


Navigating Change

In today’s fast-moving business climate, change is often rapid and disruptive.
We can help you create positive change that results in opportunities for growth, workplace satisfaction, and a dynamic and responsive organization.


Improving Communication

One of the essentials of good leadership and teamwork is effective communication. Without it, people can’t successfully cast vision, manage conflict, or clarify expectations. We can help you develop better communication skills that result in increased understanding, which yields positive results for the entire team.

Developing Leaders

Employee effectiveness is often directly related to how they relate to a direct supervisor. Well-led employees achieve superior results, while teams led by
ineffective leaders produce sub-par results. We can give your leaders and potential leaders the tools to grow and improve, resulting in marked improvement for the whole organization.

Mentors International prides itself, as a companion for your success, with our strong association with the John Maxwell brand. Achieving sustainable success in both business and personal life in today’s marketplace is challenging.

Our focus is on creating leaders from managers and developing leaders of leaders in organizations through professional services in Coaching, Teaching, Training, Speaking and Leadership Assessment.

How We Impact

Mentors International compels corporate leaders and consumers to inspire, challenge, and equip organizations to live out leadership and reach their potential. This company distributes resources of Dr. John C. Maxwell, develops customized curriculum for businesses of all sizes, and impacts industries locally, nationally and globally. From assessments and coaching to public and on-site workshops, each solution we provide inspires and challenges you not just to learn but to lead with excellence. All of our company’s curriculum can be customized to specifically address your organizational, cultural, and leadership challenges. It also offers numerous programs for individuals seeking to grow themselves personally. We are trained to walk beside you in your journey toward your greatest potential thereby facilitating transformation through values and intentional living programs within your streams of influence, including; government, education, business, arts, media,
and family.